Change your Walk, Change your Life!


Do you crave more energy? Learn this easy access way to feel more calm, strong, balanced, healthy and revitalized, so that you can enjoy your life and better take care of yourself and your loved ones. 


Change your walk, change your life


That sounds like a pretty big claim, doesn’t it? It’s true. You can look and feel more vibrant and at ease with every step you take. Whether you are already a strong walker, or if you have some mobility challenges, this program is for you! 


It will look as if you are walking in an ordinary way. But when you utilize the natural, intelligent mechanics of your body; tensions will dissolve and you’ll generate positive energy in motion.

"I never gave a second thought to how I was walking and already felt pretty good. But NOW! I have a profound appreciation for walking and I feel great!"


Here’s the secret: apply tài jí principles to how you walk.

With her years of study, easy manner and calming voice, Wendy will introduce you to these concepts from the ancient art of tài jí and incorporate them into how you walk. Discover a calm yet energizing ripple effect from your body, mind and emotions into your daily life.


"I didn't even realize just how much tension I had in my neck and shoulders because I was so used to it always being there. It's something I have to keep working on but I feel unbelievably better."




Wendy Williams has guided hundreds of students through her programs and is known for her patience, sincerity and gentle sense of humour. Wendy has been practicing tài jí for over 20 years and is the founder, president and creative heart of Tài jí Life.



You are just one step away… 


What is The Life-Changing Walk?

The goal is to improve your natural, easy-paced, everyday walk. You will learn through a combination of live online sessions, video lessons and supplementary materials. Learn online then get out there and start walking!


"Everything I thought I knew about "good posture" was doing nothing to help me. It was actually making things worse. But now I have more flow to my walk and I never would have thought I'd say that!"


Who would have thought it would be worthwhile to invest in a course about something many people seem to do naturally and on a daily basis? Well, just like nutrition, breathing and sleeping habits can be heightened; so can walking for unexpected results.  And once you learn about it and change what you are doing… you will wish they had taught you this in school. 


Here are just some of the things you will learn in this program:


  • It’s all in your Head - start with the feet right? Nope. We start with head placement.

  • Walking Blunders - what we already know and what’s not so obvious.

  • Pelvis - just say no to Marilyn Monroe.

  • Knees and Feet - they point the way. And what about shoes?

  • The Spine - this is where the magic happens.

  • Warm ups and Stretching - is it necessary?

  • Breathing - the revitalizing active and passive breath.

  • Focusing - an alert meditation in motion.

  • Personal Growth - through your mind and body connection.


This program is meant to get you on track to really get the basics of what you need to learn so you can experience the positive effects of applying tài jí principles to your walk.

"There were lots of  breakthrough moments. I kept saying, "Huh!", I had never thought of my body working that way.  Just a little shift in awareness makes a huge difference."  

We learn what to do in the online classes then you can get out there and apply it to your walking! 

Live Question & Answer Sessions


Every First Wednesday of the Month

8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time


Every Third Wednesday of the Month

8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

All members are welcome to join us live online. Ask your questions, celebrate your changes and learn bonus, monthly tips.

Change your walk, Change your life!

Program Includes:


  • 6 video lessons covering each focus point and more

  • 2 live, Q&A sessions per month

  • Access to Facebook group

  • Ongoing email support

  • Supplementary resources

  • One-year access to all course materials

  • Bonus! 30-minute 1-on-1 call for your Walk assessment


$47.00 $197


One-Time Payment
76% off the Regular Price of $197 (Special Discount Pricing)


  • Who is this for?
    • I've shared these walking techniques with my teenage kids, my students and my 85-year old mom. All have benefitted. If you are already a strong walker, this will still help! If you have hip, knee, back or any other types of mobility challenges; this content will be helpful as long as you go at your own pace and adhere to the advice of your doctor. 

  • Is this a fitness or weight loss program?
    • Technically, no. This is about "how" to walk more effectively. Not how far or how fast.  But since you will probably feel better about walking... it will ultimately help with fitness or weight loss.

  • Do I need special shoes or equipment?
    • Although walking in barefeet has its natural advantages, it may not always seem practical  in our society. In this program we can work with what you have and will include a discussion about footwear.

      You could consider using  something to count your steps, such as a pedometer, Fitbit or Garmin for example.  But this is not necessary for this course and you do not need any other special equipment.

  • How soon will I see results?
    • As soon as you start, you will notice some differences. The problem is that we easily slip back into our old habits. I wish I could say it's a one-time fix. But that would be like telling you to drink water for 21 days and that’s all the water you would ever need to drink. Walking well is a continual practice. So as long as you keep reminding yourself to practice the Five Focus Points, you will continue reap the benefits.  



  • What is tài jí?
    • Tài jí  is more widely known as tai chi. I have chosen to use this spelling from the Falk's Dictionary of Martial Arts. Tài jí is an ancient physical activity developed as a martial art in China. The benefits of this practice for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being has been shared throughout the world.

Get ready to hit your stride!



Course reviews

Annie Charlebois ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This course was an eye opener on the “mechanics” of walking, how head, upper, middle and lower body align, position and movement have such an intricate relationship! Add to it the alert meditation taught in the course, it’s a winning combination. There’s bound to be something for everyone to learn.
Evelin Ghazouli ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I definitely learned new structural and visual procedures how to align the body in order to make it function at its best.
Ruth Glidden ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I loved it! I learned so much and have already changed my walk a great deal.
Eleanor Senick ⭐⭐⭐⭐
look forward for learning to improve my walking techniques.
Linda Paquette ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Putting it all together was a great review and explanation of the overall steps to improving your walk.

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